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Hotels & Resorts

LEEDING Architectural worked with the manufacturer and GC to make sure that simulated, paint grade stile and rail doors provided for this project were delivered and stored in the proper environment.  Jobsite visits were made by LEEDING at the request of the GC to help with pinpointing installation issues for several openings.  GC installers were educated by LEEDING on door and frame relationship as it pertained to making sure the opening was "square" and were able to overcome the standing issues. 


I&H Associates worked with Timely, the manufacturer that supplied the Pre-Finished Steel Frames for the interior of this beautiful hotel and casino and with Dallas area distribution to ensure that the project went to Timely.  Jobsite visits were made to the Lake Charles property to assist the GC and distributor with hinge to frame integration.  I&H liaised with the GC, distributor and manufacturer to help ensure a smooth install of door and hinges to the frames.     

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